Hunting drives everything about who we are

We test and retest and torture our equipment. We hunt public land and small private land, we try new things and we film our hunts. We document calling and animal behavior and we don't only review the equipment we show you the equipment in action. This is what drives us and we will also be providing you with a place to learn about equipment that we feel passes the Hirschjäger test and will meet your needs.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and we are not rich, we all work for a living so we know that the price point also drives your needs cause it drives ours, we don't skimp but if there is a way to get things done at a lower cost then we are all about providing you the insight so you aren't wasting your time and money trying out unproven equipment.

Western hunters, mid-western hunters and eastern hunters. we all care about getting it done, and getting it done with as little of our precious time and money wasted as possible. WE ARE YOU.


Full disclosure, we only use Black Eagle Arrows there are many great arrow companies out there but these are the ones we trust the most, there aren't many products that we won't try and we are open to trying and reviewing many brands of other products but not arrows and maybe one day we will change our minds but until then when we hunt these are in our quiver. The woods isn't the place to experiment and deviated when an animals suffering is on the line based on your shot or the effectiveness of your arrow.